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Build cheaper call center solution by integrating AWS cloud services using Dell Boomi

Build cheaper call center solution by integrating AWS cloud services using Dell Boomi

Current call center solutions (both agent based and IVR) are way expensive. Not just considering licensing but even the integration work that goes in for retrieving customer or product information from all the back end apps. There are professional services, implementation and testing time. Companies must cut big fat checks with a project time line of 1 to 3 years depending upon the environment. That’s just for deploying the solution, there is also significant cost even for maintenance and support.

How about a solution with the current state of art technology tools available out there which not only reduces cost significantly (50 to 80%) but also can be deployed in weeks. No need to pay a hefty license fee or maintenance/support costs post-deployment as well.

Boomi as a source of truth

Dell Boomi can be configured to retrieve all the required information, like customer information from Salesforce or transaction information from IBM mainframe. This way all your system records can be accessed through Boomi that becomes your source of truth or information access point.

AWS Connect communicating with Boomi for information

Then Amazon connect can be configured to consume Boomi API using its Lambda functions. The best part is AWS integration has a pay-as-you-go pricing model on its Connect service. That means you only pay for the calls you receive in the customer service center.

Boomi as a source of truth for all channels of support

Boomi’s information access point can be leveraged for other customer service channels like Live Chat and Website support.

This kind of setup is also very beneficial when your underlying record systems are modified, updated or even replaced with new ones. All you have to do is update the integration code in Boomi. Your access points/ Rest API end points will still remain the same leaving your customer facing channels interaction with Boomi API untouched.

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