Welcome to All Things Integration Blog

Hi, this is Pradeep Pamula, I’m an IT integration specialist who worked on various integration projects involving enterprise systems both cloud and on-premise. I put together this blog so that I can exchange information with others who are looking for some common best practices and how to do’s. These days with more and more SaaS cloud based offerings coming online and their increasing adoption by clients is posing a big integration challenge. Especially when cloud systems have to exchange data with on-premise systems.

I specialize in using iPaas platform called BOOMI for most of my integrations. It is owned by Dell, commonly called as Dell BOOMI. iPaaS stands for Integration Platform As a Service. So most of my blog posts will be based on BOOMI. They will have solution mix or recipes involving BOOMI. My friends and colleagues have shown interest to post blogs on this site as guest authors. They are welcome to use either BOOMI or any other major integration platforms out there.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration using Boomi

Most common use case of using an iPaas tool like Boomi is to integrate with Salesforce.com (SFDC) which is the widely used cloud based SaaS app. Lot of ...

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Cloud Integration with Rest API

Real time integration using Rest API for cloud based SaaS Apps

While integrating any enterprise system (cloud or on-premise) decisions are made whether data or process flow should be real time or in scheduled intervals using batch mode ...

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Multi Channel Support Using Dell Boomi

Build Cheaper Call Center Solution using AWS and Dell Boomi

Build Cheaper Call Center Solution using AWS and Dell Boomi Current call center solutions (both agent based and IVR) are way expensive. Not just considering licensing ...

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Cloud App to On-Premise Legacy System Integration

Cloud App to On-Premise Legacy System Integration This integration scenario addresses solution integrating between cloud application and on-premise legacy system. Particularly when legacy system is not reachable from ...

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