Are you API Ready ?

Are you API Ready? or Do you want to be API ready or just want to know what the heck it is. API is a type of data communication or exchange that is getting widely adopted across industries. It is easy to build, deploy, use, and scale. Say bye to EDI, FTP, File server and Email communication methods of B2B trading. They are decades old, slow you down in the business processes, keep you waiting for ...

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A simple solution to integrate Salesforce platform with traditional systems or Cloud platforms

Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with potential customers. This is the most effective CRM solution nowadays. Oftentimes, the Salesforce platform needs to be integrated with other cloud systems or traditional systems. Data exchange needs to happen between Salesforce and other external systems regularly. Integrating the Salesforce system is an important step in adopting it for organization-wide use. ...

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Netsuite Integration using Boomi

Netsuite Integration using Boomi

In recent years lot of the mid to small business clients have moved their ERP functions/applications to Netsuite (a cloud based SaaS app that offers ERP functionality). The bigger advantage is easier and cheaper than maintaining the legacy ERP applications especially for mid-sized companies. Also, enhancements (custom ERP functionality) is comparatively easier in Netsuite than doing in the traditional/legacy ERP applications. This situation often times lead to need for creating integration ...

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Workday Integration

Workday Integration using Boomi

A lot of the clients in recent years have moved their HR functions/applications to Workday (cloud-based Saas app that handles all HR related tasks). The bigger advantage here is easier and cheaper than maintaining the legacy HR applications. Also, enhancements (custom functionality) is comparatively easier in Workday than doing in the traditional/legacy HR applications. These are the reasons Workday has become very popular among the big and medium size companies ...

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration using Boomi

The most common use case of using an iPaas tool like Boomi is to integrate with Salesforce integration or (SFDC) which is the widely used cloud-based SaaS app. A lot of clients I have seen are either building a lot of stuff on SFDC or migrating to SFDC from their traditional systems. Again the big advantage here is easier and cheaper than maintaining the legacy ones, at the same time ...

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Cloud Integration with Rest API

While integrating any enterprise system (cloud or on-premise) decisions are made whether data or process flow should be real time or in scheduled intervals using batch mode or polling mode. Of the two approaches, obviously, the real time data feed is much more beneficial as there will be no delay in data availability and also notifying on any integration errors. Most of the iPaaS tools provide API management using which you can create/consume API for various ...

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AWS integration

Build cheaper call center solution by integrating AWS cloud services using Dell Boomi Current call center solutions (both agent based and IVR) are way expensive. Not just considering licensing but even the integration work that goes in for retrieving customer or product information from all the back end apps. There are professional services, implementation and testing time. Companies must cut big fat checks with a project time line of 1 to ...

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Cloud App to On-Premise Legacy System Integration This integration scenario addresses solution integrating between cloud application and on-premise legacy system. Particularly when legacy system is not reachable from public network whereas cloud app is inherently public by nature. Example of cloud apps Salesforce, Workday and Netsuite. Some traditional on-premise systems are SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft AX, IBM Mainframes. Major challenges would be how does communication happen between the two? Can we do ...

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